Wednesday, 1 June 2011

On the Fifth Dogma

So-called Fifth Marian Dogma – no other theological issue of our times is discussed more than this one.
Also to me this theological proposal used to be controversial.
But, as I love Mary, I prayed to understand the whole thing...Thinking if there is any reason at all to accept this - as I see it now - dogma-to-be.

Of course, until the said concept is formally acknowledged by the Pope, we all should be cautious and somehow reserved about it: Mary herself – i.e. in Kibeho – tells us that obedience to the Holy Church is of the most importance for any Roman Catholic.

But why I am so inclined toward the concept of Mary seen as the  "Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix of all graces, and Advocate"?

First of all - at least as far as I know - the title of Co-redemptrix does not provide Mary with either higher or equal position, compared to the one hold by Jesus.

Mary's indirect role in our redemption, expressed within described concept, seems to be simple: she gave Christ His human nature, and such a nature of His hands and feet made His Cross closer to ours.

Moreover, since Jesus' Heart is the only source of all graces for us, we can see with even greater clarity merits of Mary in whose womb this very Heart was formed. The One made her full of graces- every time we say a rosary, consecutive “Hail Marys” remind us of this truth.

And as God himself placed Christ under the tender care of Immaculata, Christ emulated His Father by placing us, human beings, under her maternal protection (look at her stretched arms that wait for us)...
Finally, she  is the one that teaches us all how to conform our human nature to God's plans for us, no matter how external circumstances may look like.
For above-mentioned reasons Mary's titles of Mediatrix and Advocate seem to get the perfect sense.

I know that Mary in her humbleness does not need any new titles for herself, yet I am not sure if those new titles would be of no use to us.
Tomasz, Racibórz

PS. Say a rosary prayer as often as you can – this would help Benedict XVI greatly in his discernment of the presented issue.
Please pray for me too.

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