Saturday, 11 June 2011

The Wind of Hope

Many people seem to be very confused these days- and that's for they are constantly deceived about true goals that they are supposed to aim in (or rather for) their lives. I strongly believe that so-called pluralistic offer of today's media is partly to be blamed here: the one that provides us with all but truth leads our neighbours to bad places, and to solutions that are either contingent and uncertain, or based on divisive forces ...

Some of our friends have probably forgotten that the only gift that can make men happy and satisfied is Love. Jesus knows that, and that's why He lets Holy Spirit - the active Charity between Him and God the Father - enter into this world.

Learn what the said Love is, let It shape your life, and discover - with hope and gratitude - all what beloved Creator predestined you and the whole Human Family to participate in.
Tomasz, Racibórz

PS.As we just entered the eve of Pentecost, please pray that Love may always be considered by us as the special, free gift from God, and not as... Our offer for who we want.

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