Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The true Shepherd is here just for YOU...

Humiliated by your sins, astonished by some poor choices of your relatives and friends - from time to time even abandoned in your way of thinking\living...
Have you ever asked yourself:  "Why am I so weak, naive for the world I live in, common...?".

If so, pray as hard as you can... I am sure that this will gradually change your perspective from a bit egocentric to that which is God-centred - the one full of hope, love, faith and... Gratitude for who you are to Him*.

From the viewpoint  of a poor sinner who tries to talk to God, and sometimes doesn't even know how to do it, his/her life may, in fact, look so miserable. Yet for God each and everyone of us is so impressive, able-minded, special...

Now, look at the heaven, tell God about your pain, and remember - neither someone else could,  nor will replace YOU - the special human being for whom Christ, the most tender Shepherd, poured out His own precious Blood.

Tomasz, Racibórz

*And now the best part...It always works :).

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