Thursday, 12 August 2010

On some OLD myth

We often think of sanctity in a following manner:

''It is beyond my strength, besides I am too young to think about it at this moment. Perhaps later, as I get older it would be possible''.

But sanctity is not related to one's age,experience, position, strength etc. at all. It only has to do with a courageous maturity . The one that helps us to develop a real ( in other words sacrificial) bond and intimate relation with loved persons (among them- what is obvious- God shall be placed at the first place) regardless of bad times, moods, persecutions...

Such bond led bl. José Luis Sánchez(14-year-old) and bl. Isidore Bakanja, Martyr of the Brown Scapular(14-year-old) to pay the greatest price for the Person they loved so much – that is for Virgin Mary.

So next time as you will be tempted to ask: ''How old is he?There is nothing he can teach me about...'', stop and ask instead:''How mature is he?'' and ''does he really love?''.

For only the sacrificial love is a proper measure of sanctity in a world we live in

...The one full of childish adults and brave children...

Tomasz, Racibórz

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