Monday, 6 August 2012

In Need of Miracles

Miracles may be at hand
"For a believer, no miracle is needed and for an unbeliever, no miracle will be enough."

Generally speaking, above-quoted phrase conveys the truth; still, there are many cases when both believers and unbelievers need and witness to miracles. Moreover, anybody can be granted with them if ask for the graces sincerely and out of hunger, not for fun.

Our faith is similar to a daily bread. Sometimes - for many different reasons - even the Catholics experience shortage of this basic food. If you are troubled and in need of something factual, so you trust may be reinforced, share a bit of your faith that's left with Jesus and Mary.

Our Lord will bless and multiply it, enabling obedient Mary to protect and pass it to you and your neighbours; all of that so that many poor and starving people* may be happy with the faith that is nourished by the greatest concrete miracle -- eternal Bread of Life.

Tomasz, Racibórz +

*Atheists, communists, free-masons, oculists, lukewarm and addicted people - they all, regardless of their sins, are your neighbours, for they, just like you, are human beings hungry for miraculous yet true faith.
PS Please pray for Magda (my friend).

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