Sunday, 5 August 2012

Do not admire - give your love instead

Many parents are extremely discouraged as they are informed about the health problem of their little child. Confronted with such a paralysing piece of news some of them cry because, as they think,  their beloved child would be deprived of  many opportunities, successes, achievements...

That, however, need not to be true: in fact, many people with special needs are happy and, despite of some difficulties experienced during their lives, contribute greatly to the local communities they live in.

Even if your child will miss many joyful moments, please do not mourn for him/her; instead look at Mary:
The  Blessed Virgin probably knew that Jesus would not be a leader of the Jewish nation and did not expect such a "career-path'" for her Son; she was just happy because of giving birth to Christ, leaving the rest to God the Father.

Be proud of all the children, regardless of their particular skills, for they - just like the Baby Jesus - want to be loved because they are, and not admired for what we think they should do*.

-- Tomasz, Racibórz +

*Here, in my opinion, lies the main difference between pro-lifers and their opposition.

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