Thursday, 20 March 2014

Mediatrix of Hope

I've decided that it would be profitable to say some extra prayer for this Lent.

The Chaplet of the Seven Sorrows of Mary seems to be a meditation that is suiting the best the liturgical period we are now in.

While reflecting on the sorrows of Our Lady, I have fully realized why, and to how great extent, some of our Protestant friends are misled, saying that the Blessed Virgin Mary is worshiped in a Catholic Church, adding that honoring her is both blasphemous and useless.

Of course, the statements are not true, as Catholics pray through the intercession Mary so that her Son may be worshiped in a more beautiful, deeper manner. 

How it is so, as -- according to some Protestants -- ''Mary cannot add anything to our understanding of Jesus'' ?

When her seven sorrows are recalled, we almost automatically think of her Son who is, indeed, THE ULTIMATE remedy for our misery:

I) Teaching us all, Mary included, that any piece of sad news shall be accepted with joy -- for Jesus;

II) telling us that we should escape from temptation and sin, not from His Will;

III) instructing us that, even in times of great distress, man can find Jesus while attending church;

IV) showing us that each and every way of the cross is easier to get through with both Our Lord and compassionate people around us;

V) providing us with the knowledge that our death not only may be, but actually is, meaningful because of the death of Jesus;

VI) showing us that sufferings, that come to us because of Jesus, are both important and -- however difficult this may be -- worth of our acceptance;

VII) pointing to the fact that, at some point of man's life, everything will be lost -- except, hopefully, for their faith in resurrection.

Sick, disabled and lonely people who, in my opinion, should appreciate this prayer most, know well that sufferings are real.

Some of them, though, do not want to recognize the reality of God because there is no human who they may go to, asking for prayer; the one that will be willing to listen, hold their hand - just be - telling them that Jesus is real, living and loving no matter what...

In a presence of Mary, they can be assured that pain -- unlike Jesus's concrete Mercy for these at the Cross -- will not be with them forever.

Tomasz, Racibórz +

P.S. Please pray for my uncle who has passed away a few days ago.

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  1. We are the only Church that honors her so! Remember Scripture says it, "And all generations will call me Blessed." :)