Sunday, 21 November 2010

On the fortress of one's heart

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Many of knights and lords back in Middle Ages sought alliances with kings in order to gain victory they had dreamed of. 
We also are too weak to achieve victory against our temptations,vices, sins, at least without some special reinforcement. So we should -- like before-mentioned medieval warriors -- look for a help of a King, or rather the King, Jesus Christ.
He will help us unconditionally, yet we shall be as open as possible to become true benefactors of His grace.

This means we are oblige to pay a homage to Our King,like knights did to theirs ruler.
Such homage seems to be about giving up (bad books, stupid TV shows, one's laziness, impurity etc.) rather than giving.

Yet by so doing, you will grant your Saviour with well-prepared place to reign over.

Then He will win any battle for you, no matter what your weakness might be.
Just trust in Him and let Him into your heart - a fortress predestined to be rebuild, solid and therefore the victorious one.

Christ the King, help us. 

Tomasz, Racibórz

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