Friday, 26 November 2010

Some strange believers ( on the phenomena of so-called new atheism)

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Atheism is, unfortunately,  a constant part of some people's way of thinking.
Generally speaking, the one can be split into two branches - the old atheism and the new one.

The first one glorifies scepticism, while the later seems to be based on some kind of illusionary certainty ( "I do not believe that God exists'' of young Edith Stein versus ''I am sure that there is no God, and I will prove it'' of Dawkins).

The second, ''hard'' version of unbelief seems to be much more dangerous at first glance. But please, just take a closer look on this issue: someone who claims that he/she is sure of something, at the same time starts( paradoxically) to be open to the reality of God.

Such person does so by affirmation that there is such thing as a sureness - the beautiful gate that may eventually lead one to the Truth.
Tomasz, Racibórz

PS.  There is always hope. Pray to Mary -especially to Her immaculate Heart - for the conversion of  Richard Dawkins , Sam Harris, Daniel C. Dennett...Perhaps a modern counterpart of St. Paul lives among them or theirs followers.

PS2. Happy Thanksgiving Day to all the friends from the United States of America.

PS3. Pray for me too.

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