Sunday, 6 May 2012

All Generations Will Call Me Blessed

From now on all generations will call me blessed” 

Luke 1:48 
 Jesus and the Mother of God pointing at each other. The image, crowned with the crowns blessed by John Paul II, is displayed at Racibórz's Matka Boża Sanctuary. The Sanctuary is, by the way, my parish church.

Mary, no other Person in this world is accused more of distracting the faithfuls and leading them away from Christ. Mary does not need my defense since She achieved the ultimate victory over Her enemies long time ago; still I would like to sum up some facts  –  this may convince many of my Protestant friends that She has been doing more for the whole word than anyone else would ever do(with the exception of Her beloved Son). 
Below you will find only a few lines in defence of Our Lady against misinterpretations of some who falsely believe that we, the Catholics, worship Her. This is not the case since we honor Mary above any other human being, but not above Her Creator(Greek hyperdulia vs latreía).

But why to pay such a great respect to the Blessed Virgin? My answer for this is simple: Because of the role that Jesus plays in Her life. Moreover, Christ himself may confirm the following, four sure and orthodox facts about His Mother:

*Mary is filled with graces by God (should not we be like Her?),

*Under Mary's heart Jesus has been formed (do we even know how to make our hearts worthy of Him?),

*Jesus was everything for Her (could it not be said that for us all, at least sometimes, everything seems to be more important than Him?),

*She has been directed by the Will of God rather than by Her own feelings(the famous ''FIAT'' response), whereas so-called modern men seem to be driven by their emotions alone... 

Now the following question may arise:  Can't we go directly to Jesus doing this without Miriam's holy intercession? Of course we can, yet just-mentioned journey may prove extremely hard for us. 

Undoubtedly there are three dimensions in each and every man ( the spirit, body and mind); sometimes both the physical and mental spheres dominate over the spiritual one. When, in the middle of earthly affairs, thinking about God is a hard task to do, Mary is always here to point at His holy and real existence. Sometimes if a person is blessed she or he may even hear Mary's encouraging words of wisdom: ''Do not be afraid – sanctity is for human beings as well. Just try my FIAT and trust.''

Look at Her, ask God that you may be like Her, and try, as much as you can, to emulate the beautiful path of Her life: I am sure that she will shape your heart and open it to Christ, His Spirit, and eventually God the Father. You may choose to get to Heaven without Immaculata's help, but it would be far more better if you follow, whenever it is possible, the footsteps of Jesus himself...

The One who –  in His greatest Wisdom – has chosen to have Her at His side from His birth to His heavenly joy.  

Tomasz, Racibórz

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