Friday, 22 October 2010

Are you ready for such world?

Some major conference concering life issues took place at Princeton University last week (look at:

One of its participants, professor Singer, stated that:

“An infant has no moral status because he is not self-aware”.

Let's think over his statement for a while. Although I'm neither an ethicist nor a biologist, it is obvious to me that so-called self-awareness may be observed (to a some degree) among some species of animals (for further reading please visit:
Moreover above-mentioned self-awareness has absolutely nothing to do with moral issues.

Argumentation that professor Singer gave, may lead us to some terrible world of future  in which - as I see it:

1) A mature animal would be granted with greater scope of rights, when compared to some young or disabled human being;

2) Morality would be assessed by some psychological tests and tools, and not in the reference to the human heart.

Are we ready for such world, the one full of wise words... And absurdity?

Tomasz, Racibórz

PS. Jesus, give us the Wisdom.

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