Saturday, 2 February 2013

Not Only Words

Many medical doctors say that, although a human life is important, it needs to have some other component to it, namely a proper quality of one's existence, in order that it may be valued and, therefore, protected.

This pattern of thinking is common in so-called culture of death. The terminology, regardless of its importance, is not the main preoccupation, though, when it comes to the issue of active life's protection: where mere words may offend*, actions evangelize.

If  physicians want –  really, without any fear, and useless rhetoric – act against the culture of death, they all shall have in their mind that a patient is always the greatest good, not only “the great good  for the sake or goods, features, or opinion (s)he is currently holding.”

 Tomasz, Racibórz +

* I know a professor who states that labeling his views with the culture of death phrase is extremely hurting and offends him. After careful consideration, I must admit that it is better for us to promote the culture of life than to speak about the culture of death. 

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