Monday, 4 June 2012

Follow the true Love

The true love -- almost everyone on the face of the earth wants to encounter this mystery...
Still many of us find it problematic to figure out what this genuine love actually is.  In my opinion no adjective can accurately describe just-mentioned phenomenon; it is so for love is not from the realm of  feelings.

 It has nothing to do with either ''one's need for some nice girl/guy'', or any other fancy need (s)he can imagine.

Rather it is the concrete Person, Our Savior, Jesus Christ. If you want to love & be loved, ask Him for help...Then give your heart entirely to Jesus and follow Him. Soon you will be able to love your neighbors truly, i.e. with your concrete choices - no matter whether granted with Messiah’s Holy Presence at the foot of the Cross, or at the wedding at Cana...

Tomasz Racibórz

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