Friday, 8 June 2012

For Heart needs hearts...

Our world suffers a lot from being out of touch with reality. One of the greatest manifestations of this problem is our lack of faith in the real presence of Our Lord in the Eucharist. It is so, in my opinion, for the one simple reason:

While concentrating on Jesus' Holy Presence during each and every holy day of obligation, we often forget that He needs intimacy all the time - not only on Sundays and solemnities.

Moreover, neither golden monstrance nor the finest tabernacle, can be a sufficient excuse for us, who are so unwilling to provide Our Lord with the best dwelling place that He himself designed...

Please look at Mary, the first living tabernacle, and realise that even one human heart means more to Jesus than all the golden cans in the world combined.
Tomasz, Racibórz

PS Please pray for all the participants of the International Eucharistic Congress in Dublin, Ireland. Media coverage for this event will be provided by EWTN UK.

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