Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Not only for Cristeros

After the joy of Easter Sunday, as the whole Easter period is closer to its end,  the question may rise: is it possible to stay joyful and proclaim one's happiness due to the Resurection of Christ all the time? 

In my opinion, one can achieve said goal - even in spite of their personal tragedies, disasters or disappointments.

All that need to be done by a person in order that he/she may rejoice from Jesus' Resurrection in a constant manner, is one's emulation of bl José Luis Sánchez del Río in saying,  just as he did, with all one's heart, soul and life: "Long life Christ King! Long live the Virgin of Guadalupe!" and not the "Christ is dead",  whenever opportunity to sin is near. 

Tomasz, Racibórz

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Just look, listen and love

From the evening of the first Holy Thursday until the end of the first Good Friday, Our Lord has suffered so much...
Jesus' Agony in the garden, His way of the cross, finally His death... Marks of His pain are clearly visible not only on the Shroud of Turin but also in our conscience.

For not only has He suffered physical pain: He has also  been exposed to the psychological torments, and the later were even worse.

Whenever an opportunity to sin comes to me, I can almost hear: "will you abandon me as well?".

Then I know clearly: Simon of Cerene, St. Veronica, and all the women of Jerusalem could not did for Jesus as much as I can do by the avoidance of my own trespasses.

Meditate on His Holy Face and do not abandon Him. Here comes a special moment - the time in which God himself asks for your presence by Him with all his divine and human Heart.

Blessed Easter to you all!

 Tomasz, Racibórz

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Lead entirely new life and trust

What is Lent for?Of course it has been given to us by Jesus so we could recognize our sins and get rid of them. Only then He can come to our thirsty, tired-out hearts and give them the Water of Life...
After that we will see that we all – poor, ordinary sinners –  have something in common with Lazarus or the blind man described in the Bible.
That's right: we, just like them, can Lead Entirely New life and Trust.

 Tomasz, Racibórz
PS. Pray for me, please!

Monday, 4 April 2011

Dziedziczenie duchowe(PL)

Michael Tomasello, psycholog poznawczy badający różnice między naczelnymi a ludźmi, stwierdza – w dużym uproszczeniu – iż podstawową przewagę gatunku ludzkiego nad wybranymi gatunkami małp, wywieść można ze zdolności tego pierwszego do wspólnych działań ku celowemu i trwałemu organizowaniu rzeczywistości na różnych jej poziomach. Wpisując się ze swoimi poglądami w koncepcję tak zwanego dziedziczenia kulturowego, współistniejącego i współtworzącego ludzkość wraz z mechanizmem dziedziczenia biologicznego, nie bierze On raczej pod uwagę wyjątkowości Istoty ludzkiej, która to wyjątkowość wynikałaby z posiadania przez Nią duszy. Zadbajmy, by To, co w moim przekonaniu w pierwszym rzędzie czyni nas godnymi Życia i miłości – to znaczy siła animująca ciało ku Zbawieniu[etym. anima(łac.)=dusza], dana nam w umiłowaniu przez Stwórcę, było piękne i promieniowało światłem na nasze dzieci i cały świat – składający się nie tylko z genów i memów, ale przede wszystkim z Dobra.

 Tomasz, Racibórz

Friday, 1 April 2011

The new sanctuary of love (let Jesus in)

The second person of the Holy Trinity, Jesus Christ, has been born into a human family... 
For some this amazing fact is extremely difficult to understand or accept. 

Yet Jesus' love for the concept and reality of the loving family has one simple reason:
He knew that only in the home that is full of joy, acceptance, and forgiveness, love can come into this world again.
Bethlehem, Loreto and Walsingham -- these places spanned between the East and the West,  remind us of above-mentioned, simple yet powerful truth. Now, what kind of impression will people get from your home? Let Jesus in, so He may dwell in the next sanctuary of love.  
Tomasz, Racibórz