Thursday, 21 April 2011

Just look, listen and love

From the evening of the first Holy Thursday until the end of the first Good Friday, Our Lord has suffered so much...
Jesus' Agony in the garden, His way of the cross, finally His death... Marks of His pain are clearly visible not only on the Shroud of Turin but also in our conscience.

For not only has He suffered physical pain: He has also  been exposed to the psychological torments, and the later were even worse.

Whenever an opportunity to sin comes to me, I can almost hear: "will you abandon me as well?".

Then I know clearly: Simon of Cerene, St. Veronica, and all the women of Jerusalem could not did for Jesus as much as I can do by the avoidance of my own trespasses.

Meditate on His Holy Face and do not abandon Him. Here comes a special moment - the time in which God himself asks for your presence by Him with all his divine and human Heart.

Blessed Easter to you all!

 Tomasz, Racibórz

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