Sunday, 8 November 2009

Words really matter

Evil spirit is the master of deception. He has coined many confusing phases and lies so far. Although it is so, he can not deceive us fully in one issue of the most importance. Abortion is the one.

Look. Whenever deceived woman says " I have a right to choose" the sentence is still unfinished...She does not want to admit that a human life is at stake here.

That brings us to conclusion that no one can ever erase the inner respect for the life.

For no one would admit that he or she is a killer. On the other hand the numbers of abortions will be reduced if we think of every word we say.

Tomasz, Racibórz

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  1. Oh if all humans could just think before doing anything... Understanding we are ALL in God's presence Right Now, this Very Second, Every Second! - Oh the life we would be able to live! The Happiness & Pure Joy we would be able to bring alive in each one of us!! Everyone deserves a little piece of Life, Everyone!!! God Bless