Thursday, 2 July 2009

A bridge to happiness

The lifetime of each one of us can be spotted with many difficulties. In fact we ought to be grateful for each one of them because even a small suffering can unite us with Christ.

It seems to be very simple, yet all of us need some good instruction on this issue. The one that will show us how to transform bad moments in the most effective way – without give in to discouragement, depression and uncertainness .

Prayer of St. Brigitta of Sweden can be very helpful in case of any need – I believe that by praying it you will be able to build the safe bridge to happiness just out of your pain:

Hasten , O Lord , enlighten my darkness.
Speak to my soul .
Show me the way in which I should walk
and give me the grace to follow it.
In delay is danger, but in haste is likewise peril.
Therefore , Lord , give ear to my petition
and show me the path that is safe .

Tomasz, Racibórz

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