Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The Priorities

A modern scientific approach has been developed as the mean to so-called global happiness. "Wise and well equipped men will be able to build a new paradise: The one with no reference to God or organized religion" -- worshiper of modernism will probably tell you.
In my opinion there is no, and hopefully will not be, such thing as the new earthly paradise.
There is, however, a new scientific paradigm that -- for the sake of above-mentioned concept -- is able to incline us all towards getting rid of human beings instead of their problems.

Tomasz, Racibórz

Saturday, 25 February 2012

We should be the first...

To evangelize means to come to everybody who may need it with a piece of good(or rather the best) news. We all know that such actions can and should be done -- by laymen and religious alike -- throughout the entire world...Still some people ignore their spiritual duties, thinking: "Evangelization ? That's not for me". Just-mentioned people seem to forget that there is no such thing as "a spiritual vacuum" : Where the world starts to evangelize believers there hell begins.
Tomasz, Racibórz

Thursday, 23 February 2012

St. Michael the Archangel

St. Michael the Archangel may help us not only when we're tempted. Apart from being the greatest defender of God and His Laws he is - and I'm sure that it is so - a great teacher for all Christians. But what exactly can be learned from him, especially for now, as we're on the threshold of Lent? I think that his example can bring a faithful and his whole family to the deepest understanding of just-mentioned period. In fact we shall celebrate each and every Ash Wednesday with Michael's battle cry -- ''who is like God'' -- on our lips.

Michael knew that God can't be just important for both angels and men... He can't even be the most important for above-mentioned creatures: instead he shall mean -- without any restriction -- EVERYTHING for them.

All the acts of charity, penance and alms-giving combined will be useless without man's prior readiness to listen to the most famous, rhetoric question of the loyal Archangel.
Tomasz, Racibórz

Wspólny sukces - rozpoznać Oblicze(PL)

Jesteśmy przesiąknięci ideologią sukcesu. Nie ma w tym nic złego, pod warunkiem jednak, że nasz własny sukces zobaczymy przez właściwy pryzmat. Tym pryzmatem może i powinna być zbiorowość dusz i serc ludzkich...

Jeśli tak nie jest, nasze osiągnięcia - te "tylko dla siebie'' i te "same w sobie", stają się maszynkami rozdymającymi ego, nadmiernie uziemiającymi nasze zawieszone między ziemią i Niebem życie.

Gdy tak się stanie, a "sukces" okaże się domkiem z kart, skarżymy się na samotność, odrzucenie i niezrozumienie ze strony Boga i swiata (o ile nie dochodzimy do wniosku, że Boga nie ma)...

Zapominamy przy tym, iż samotnym czyni nas mur złożony z cegiełek - rozlewanego po gombrowiczowsku na wszystkie przeżyte dni - słowa "ja".

Fajnie czasem pomarzyć o zdobyciu bieguna, jeszcze fajniej - kiedyś go zdobyć. Najpiękniej jednak zrobić coś dla bliźniego i z nim, by kiedyś - po osiągnięciu "wspólnego sukcesu" - Nieba, przekonać się, że Oblicze Jezusa jest nam - w gruncie rzeczy - bardzo dobrze znane.

Tomasz, Racibórz

PS. Od dzieciństwa najbardziej ceniłem, gdy ludziom mocniej zależało na mnie, niż na moim sukcesie. Nie wpłynął na to z pewnością dar MPD - czują tak dziesiątki milionów dzieci z całego świata.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Why Jesus?

We live in difficult times.
It has never been easy to become a saint, but the situation is slightly different right now:
Not only some media and morally polluted world discourage us from following Christ; what they really do is
an active promotion of the demonic lifestyle.

On this world we are exposed and prone to devil's attacks, and may even fall from time to time.
Yes, we are not angels...

And we all should be happy about that! That is a great piece of news since, unlike angelic creatures,
we are not determined by our single bad choice. On contrary, our hope for heaven can always be with us...

Still we can neither save nor cleanse ourselves from our own sins.

Moreover, no women or men - regardless of how beautiful they may be - can take us to heaven: that's why God gave us Jesus and His Holy Blood -
our only, yet inexhaustible fountain of hope.

Tomasz Racibórz

PS. Blessed Lent to you all.

Monday, 20 February 2012

In the beginning was the Word

We all like to debate on words and their meaning. Such debates may take place on many occasions: one of them is ''Word of the Year'' contest.
The public opinion may either be excited or bored over many new words that pop out as a result of social changes. Still there is something more important than mere words -- something that must not be overlooked -- an issue that is beyond our attitude, boredom and excitement alike:

This issue, or rather kind of a guide, is our own awareness.

The Word has become Flesh about 2000 years ago not to gone with the wind, but to give hope, shape lives,lead men toward their eternal and joyful destiny...
It is so, nevertheless our opponents have their favourite words too: "euthanasia", "abortion", "death panel" to name only a few of them.
Do not let just-mentioned "semantic junks" shape your world and future, and keep in mind that everything around you is grounded and begins with some words.

PS.Yes, I'm back. Thank you DS( by the way - your Polish is quite good. Do you have Polish roots?).
Tomasz, Racibórz