Monday, 20 February 2012

In the beginning was the Word

We all like to debate on words and their meaning. Such debates may take place on many occasions: one of them is ''Word of the Year'' contest.
The public opinion may either be excited or bored over many new words that pop out as a result of social changes. Still there is something more important than mere words -- something that must not be overlooked -- an issue that is beyond our attitude, boredom and excitement alike:

This issue, or rather kind of a guide, is our own awareness.

The Word has become Flesh about 2000 years ago not to gone with the wind, but to give hope, shape lives,lead men toward their eternal and joyful destiny...
It is so, nevertheless our opponents have their favourite words too: "euthanasia", "abortion", "death panel" to name only a few of them.
Do not let just-mentioned "semantic junks" shape your world and future, and keep in mind that everything around you is grounded and begins with some words.

PS.Yes, I'm back. Thank you DS( by the way - your Polish is quite good. Do you have Polish roots?).
Tomasz, Racibórz


  1. I stayed with Polish nuns for 6 months. My Polish is very rusty, but I learned a few words and phrases. :)

  2. I do hope that your had a nice time with them. Polish language may prevent you from interpersonal communication but not Polish hearts :).
    I only spoke to American citizens once or two times in my whole life and - unfortunately - never were to the US, but I like English...
    Dziękuję Ci bardzo - Twój polski naprawdę jest dobry :).