Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Why Jesus?

We live in difficult times.
It has never been easy to become a saint, but the situation is slightly different right now:
Not only some media and morally polluted world discourage us from following Christ; what they really do is
an active promotion of the demonic lifestyle.

On this world we are exposed and prone to devil's attacks, and may even fall from time to time.
Yes, we are not angels...

And we all should be happy about that! That is a great piece of news since, unlike angelic creatures,
we are not determined by our single bad choice. On contrary, our hope for heaven can always be with us...

Still we can neither save nor cleanse ourselves from our own sins.

Moreover, no women or men - regardless of how beautiful they may be - can take us to heaven: that's why God gave us Jesus and His Holy Blood -
our only, yet inexhaustible fountain of hope.

Tomasz Racibórz

PS. Blessed Lent to you all.


  1. I am grateful for the long lines to the confessional. It gives me plenty of time to reflect in silence of my fallen nature. What I emphasize on is the Mercy of Jesus. No, I don't presume His Mercy, but rather, I BELIEVE in His Mercy. Oftentimes, we focus more on our sins than on how much God truly loves us. He loves us to the point of scandal!

  2. Thanks DS :) Yes, the Mercy of God is beyond our imagination... and faults. I think that skepticism of so many is linked to their "minimalistic" attitude...
    And still for God there is not such thing as "too big sin that cannot be forgiven". If sinners only knew this...