Thursday, 29 November 2012

The Gospel of Heaven, the Gospel of Love(On the Evangelistic Evangelization)

Our Gospel, the biggest piece of good news for the whole world, provides us all with the hope of salvation.
The said(most beautiful) fact may, unfortunately, be the source of accusations made by some thinkers toward believers:
"You, Christians, care only for heaven while it is this world that suffers a lot" – it's often heard. In some sense just-mentioned materialistic philosophers are right(as the faithful shall focus mainly on God & His Domain), still they seem to overlook a very important point: Every heaven-taker shall be, through the imitation of Christs' deeds for poor, blind, and crippled people, a love-giver first.
Tomasz, Racibórz +

PS Please pray for my uncle who passed away a few days ago.

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