Monday, 22 October 2012

Loving or Using: On People & Things

"When does the human life begin?", "is the mind of an adult ape developed more that the one of 3 year-old child?","what constitutes individual's right to life?" These, among many other questions, are very interesting as parts of the philosophical speculation, yet very dangerous when one uses them as an ideological weapon.

It is so for the one simple reason: whenever someone tries to define, on any basis, whose lives shall be respected some kind of tyranny is about to come*.
 Tomasz, Racibórz +

*The whole issue of abortion, euthanasia & assisted suicide comes to us as a result of egoism in its peak point. The one that, strengthen by the tyranny of relativism, tries to demand of you and me that we love things (and own comfort) more than people. 

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