Monday, 30 August 2010

Skrzydła na (trudną) Drogę (PL)

O, Panie, spraw, abym nie tyle szukał pociechy, co pocieszał;
Nie tyle szukał zrozumienia, co rozumiał;
nie tyle szukał miłości, co kochał.
Ponieważ dając siebie, otrzymujemy;
zapominając o sobie, odnajdujemy siebie;
a przebaczając, zyskujemy przebaczenie.

św. Franciszek z Asyżu 

Gdy Ci smutno i czujesz się samotny, spójrz sercem na tę modlitwę i żyj nią, wierząc że gdy w Twoim życiu najpierw jest Bóg, potem Bliźni, na końcu zaś Ty, sam najpokorniejszy Chrystus wskazuje Ci Drogę do Nieba, pomagając nieść ciężar.

Wtedy Twój krzyż, miast być balastem- uskrzydli.

Tomasz, Racibórz

Ps. Jezu,dziękuję za błogosławieństwo ostatnich dni

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The Rose of Wisdom

People of Ireland have got  something in common: they  are generally faithfull to Jesus and Mary, experienced with  the pain of the past, and distanced when it comes to so-called new streams and moods.

Perhaps that is why Our Lady of Knock gave Her blessing to all of them on some rainy summer day.
Inviduals from other countries can draw a lesson from above-described attitude of Irish too .

If they do so, Mary can come to them offering rose of wisdom that shined through Her crown as she granted Emerald Isle with Her presence.   

Lady of Knock, pray that we may be wise, get to Heaven and stay There with Your Son forever.
Tomasz, Racibórz

Sunday, 15 August 2010

The puzzle that needs to be solved

Mary – why do Catholics need Her?
The main reason is: because Jesus gave Her to us as She stood at the foot of the C R oss.
Without the Holiest Virgin it would be much more difficult for us to trust:

-In the real presence of the child( not cells) in woman's womb( The Visitation),
-In the power of Jesu s ( The Weeding at Cana),
-That every p a in can be endured and overcame( The Crucifixion of Her Son),
-That eve r y human being can get to Heaven too ( The Assumption),
-That one can onl y be awarded by God for their own ''Fiat'' ( The Annunciation).

Now, try to read bolded letters in the right order and remember that Her's Holy Rosary ties us perfectly with the Lamb.
Hold Mary's hand during your pilgrimage on this earth and you will get to Her only Son in Heaven for sure.

Mary, show us the Way, tell us the Truth, help us in knowing the Life!

Tomasz, Racibórz

Thursday, 12 August 2010

On some OLD myth

We often think of sanctity in a following manner:

''It is beyond my strength, besides I am too young to think about it at this moment. Perhaps later, as I get older it would be possible''.

But sanctity is not related to one's age,experience, position, strength etc. at all. It only has to do with a courageous maturity . The one that helps us to develop a real ( in other words sacrificial) bond and intimate relation with loved persons (among them- what is obvious- God shall be placed at the first place) regardless of bad times, moods, persecutions...

Such bond led bl. José Luis Sánchez(14-year-old) and bl. Isidore Bakanja, Martyr of the Brown Scapular(14-year-old) to pay the greatest price for the Person they loved so much – that is for Virgin Mary.

So next time as you will be tempted to ask: ''How old is he?There is nothing he can teach me about...'', stop and ask instead:''How mature is he?'' and ''does he really love?''.

For only the sacrificial love is a proper measure of sanctity in a world we live in

...The one full of childish adults and brave children...

Tomasz, Racibórz

Monday, 9 August 2010

Ave Crux, Spes unica

The 3rd part of Chapter III (named: At the Foot of the Cross) from the Collected Works of bl. Edith Stein( Vol. IV) begins with words "Hail, Cross, our only hope!''.

This great Carmelite nun is also widely known for Her work Science of the Cross.

You may ask: where exactly these hope and wisdom can be traced? And why are they coming from the cross? Isn't it an absurd? For nobody  likes to suffer, moreover one's suffering seems to be pointless.

Above-mentioned gifts come directly from Jesus. Without His transforming power the cross would have no meaning at all, or rather would be a scandal(as it was stated in Ancient Times). But Jesus' Cross gives us the real hope and the real wisdom: the first one tells us that our pain is useful; the second teaches us how to use it, and what is more important – why to use it.

St. Theresa Benedicta of the Cross, pray for us!
Tomasz, Racibórz

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Life sentence

Your child suffers from a cerebral palsy... For many parents of newborns, these words are even worse than a life sentence.
Yet, they will be your sentence for THE LIFE if you think and pray deeply over them. The ONE thay you can spend with Trinitary God, Mary, Angels. Just listen to J.M. Escriva. I have got nothing to add at this moment.

SS. J.M Escriva, J.M Vianney - pray for us.

Tomasz, Racibórz