Friday, 30 July 2010

The wedding time will come

''We should always be disposed to believe that that which appears white is really black, if the hierarchy of the Church so decides'' ( I. Loyola- founder of the Society of Jesus)

Above-mentioned quotation is often presented as a so-called proof for Jesuits' fideism and fanaticism. In fact, only a short-sighted person can spread such harmful opinions. For the greatest wisdom can be found in these words; Look: if the Church has been authorised by the Power of Jesus, is not She infallible ( at least in the matter of faith an moral issues) by a definition?

Besides, Our Lord knew that Devil is a liar and deceiver – that is why He gave us Saint I. Loyola. This brave man realised that the only sure norm and provision for our salvation is a firm obedience to the Church.

For only if a servant is obedient to the Bride-to-be, the future Bridegroom will pay him abundantly at the wedding time.

Saint Ignatius, pray for us!

Tomasz, Racibórz

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