Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Give them right to love you (for all who suffer)

The effective exercise of a right
springing not from the individual who possesses it, but
from other men who consider themselves as being under a
certain obligation towards him

Simone Weil

Above-cited, famous words of Simone Weil, the influential French philosopher of the 20th century, can be found in her book entitled "Needs for Root"(Paris, 1949). Weil, a gnostic, who wanted to know God gives us here some interesting, yet not fully developed model for dealing with virtually any social problem of our times:

Yes, there would not be a single suicide, abortion, euthanasia or unjust war in our world if all people recognized their obligations toward each other.

But here is something else to figure out:

What are said obligations, and where to find them? No philosopher can tell you this - only God , the One Who gave you The Ten Commandments, will.

Knowing this - no matter how sad you may be right now - do not give up your hope: seek and love Him and His creatures... For love is a right of Creator and us all - the one that only you, the remarkable co-operator with God, may make effective in perhaps small, yet still important scale.
Tomasz, Racibórz

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