Thursday, 24 March 2011

Surrender is not an option

I do rarely refer to my personal life on this blog, yet this time I have to make an exception to this rule.
By so doing, I am hoping to serve the Truth, which will for sure set some great person free of accusations.
Although I had been born into the strong, Catholic family, during my youth I had quite a difficult time.
I could not consider my disability as a gift from God then, rather-- at least at some point of my life--I was bitter and almost indifferent to the person of my Lord and Savior. I just couldn't figure out what was I created for...

And then, in one afternoon, I saw some special priest in the TV - his name was John Corapi, and he spoke to me about the importance and power of the holy Rosary like nobody else before him had done.
From that time on I pray with Mary on the regular, daily basis - being  happy and open to the Catholic faith and its richness, as one could possibly be. Currently, as my heart is overflowing with God's Love, I am trying to share here mentioned Love with other people.
Fr.Corapi, SOLT has helped me in becoming the man full of the kindest feeling toward God and Mary...

For this reason not only will I never ask God of taking my cerebral palsy back from me again-
instead I would rather try to offer it up for the whole world, especially for the beloved father Corapi.
May the tender Virgin Mary remind him, me, and all of us in need that surrender is not an option!

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