Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Through Mary's eyes (on Michaelangelo's Pieta)

Please take a closer look at Michaelangelo's Pieta: Mary who held Jesus' body in her arms, is undoubtedly sad, yet her face is also serene. After a while a spectator may even conclude that there is almost the glimpse of joy on it. As if Mary knew what would happen on the first Easter Sunday.
She is with her Son already, yet we still are not. That is why Jesus gave us the holiest Virgin. The One who is strong, stands fast for WHO she believes in and is capable of enduring any pain for Him and for our Salvation.

If you are doubting in the importance of Mary right now or have got some difficulties with honouring Her in the proper manner, please think of Her as of the greatest human teacher close to our Lord and to us all. The teacher that instructs us on how to accept Jesus and His divine Plan with our human hearts.

Our Protestant friends are right indeed –  all we need is Jesus …
The One who can be seen much better through His Mother's holy eyes.    

Tomasz, Racibórz

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